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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bagamoyo Young Artist Center

The Center that I worked with in Bagamoyo is losing their center and their home due to lack of funds.  Donations can be made to Masiga M. Jaruph Bagamoyo Tanzania via Western Union.  WU will ask for a test question and answer.  The answer should be "Margie."   

This is a center that gives lessons in art and language with the purpose of teaching skills in painting, drawing, music, dancing, and drumming to both girls and boys under 18 years old free of charge.

·         To help reduce the number of children on the streets in Bagamoyo society.
·         To give the opportunity to exchange views and cultural ideas with children and adults from different areas inside and outside of the country of Tanzania
·         To give children the opportunity to represent their opinion, understand themselves and to know their own value in the society through art work.
·         To give children knowledge and awareness about the killing effects of the HIV disease

The Bagamoyo Young Artist Center offers free of charge
·         English and Mathematics
·         Traditional Dance and Drama
·         Drawing, Painting, Carving

Bagamoyo Young Artist Center requirements are paints, paper, drawing pencils, pens, brushes, notebooks, children’s English books, writing pencils, crayons, sculpting supplies, clay, etc.  Send by UPS.
Time for sessions are afternoons Monday through Saturday - 4:30 to 6:30 pm.
You may be a member of Bagamoyo Young Artist Center only if you attend everyday.  If you cannot attend,  you must let us know before the class

·         At Bagamoyo Young Artist Center we like to work together as a team and to have a real relationship with the guardians and parents so that children reach their goals.
·         We ask the parents and guardians to give support and cooperation to Bagamoyo Young Artist Center to allow  the boys and girls to join with their fellow children in order to receive the training we give.

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WebbieLady said...

That's a verypromising prgram they're into... They look very contented as well.

Talented kids!

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