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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where in the World is Ma-Maw?

That's the new game my grandchildren are playing. Some of them are going to follow me along my travel route. I love this.

People, mostly women, ask me all the time. "How could you leave your grandchildren?" I've never had a really good answer to give them. Maybe because I kept asking myself the same question.

But today, I know how and why I could leave them, although they are never farther away than my heart. The answer is... so that I can show them a different way of living.  A way that allows yourself to listen to the deepest callings inside of you.  And when you do, truth, love and conviction unfold and flow through the cells of your body.  It takes time, but eventually you step out from under the bushel basket that's keeps you hidden.  You let your light shine and the Universe becomes your beloved dance partner.

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