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Saturday, November 27, 2010

All Sam's Fault!

Just when I thought I had mastered the trains, I boarded without first stamping my ticket in the yellow stamping machine.  But I remembered Doreen reading to me out of the tourist guide that if you forget  to stamp your ticket, write the date, time, and location you boarded the train on the back of the ticket and sign it.  I did that.  When the ticket agent came by, I explained that I had to rush to catch the train and forgot to stamp the ticket.  With a pleading look, I showed him my written statement.  He asked, “All way Santa Maria Novella?”   I said, “Si, si.”  He signed the front of my ticket, “No problema nesta treno.”  I heaved a sigh of relief.  The fine can be anywhere from five to forty euros and I had two more train agents to face.

This train turmoil was all Sam’s fault.  Sam is a young man who does international consulting work on his own.  He currently lives in Madrid and is taking some time to see Italy.  I met Sam while at the bus stop in Assisi.  He stood next to me and whispered those magical words that I’ve been longing to hear, “Do you speak English?”  Then, somewhere in the course of our five minute conversation at the bus stop, he asked if I liked red wine.  Be still my heart!  English conversation AND red wine. 

After being flung about on a careening bus ride back to the train station, Sam invited me to have a glass of wine while we waited for our trains.  We were just like the Italians.  Talking and laughing over each other.   I was having so much fun, I had to dash at the last minute to board the train.  Let’s see, Enriche was in his 20’s, Sam?  Probably 30’s.  At this rate, I’ll meet a male kindred spirit in his sixties when I'm 90. 

Thanks, Sam, for the conversation and the wine.  Enjoy the Amalfi Coast and I'll enjoy Le Cinque Terre!

Photos from a most beautiful day in  Assisi next time.

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