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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Uncrowded in the rain!
I'm shaking from blog withdrawal.  Like a true junkie I used up all my minutes for a month in a couple weeks.  And I'm sure you've missed hearing from me too!  :)

I've been searching all over town for a place where I can sit comfortably with my computer and write.  I tried The Clubhouse which indicated it was a 'free wi-fi spot.'  They told me I needed a 'document' which I agreed to give them for copying (my driver's license or passport).  To prove I'm not a terrorist.  Then the waiter said I would have to fill out a form.  I agreed.  I ordered 'la minestra di pane' which was delicioso but I never managed to get anyone to take my 'document' or to give me a form to fill out.  Finally today I have success at 'Moyo.'  They accepted my document and gave me a wi-fi card without filling out a form  I just had to spend money on food and wine which is okay with me.

Just want to let you know I've mastered all the means of transportation in Florence.  I have taken the ATAF bus to Fiesole, the Lazzi bus to visit Lucca again, and the SITA bus which took me to Siena where these guys looked down on me while I talked with Mary Ann, my sister, on the phone.  She stayed up till 3AM to call me.  I ruined a whole tour group's photos by sitting on the steps of the Selambeni Piazza monument to talk with her.

If you ever go to Siena, try this little place called 'Zest' for a meal or simply a dessert and coffee or wine.  A lovely man asked me if I wanted a 'nice' vino rosso or a 'NIIIICE' vino rosso.  I chose the 'NIIIICE.'  Brunello di Montelpulcino.  And it was 'NIIIIIIICE.'

Oh yeah, I saw lots of other nice things too.
I wonder when narrow, winding streets and old houses on hills will no longer turn me on.

As for Florence, I have learned to be calm in the midst of chaos, so I think that's a good life lesson.  Just when I thought the worst was over, this happened.


But I enjoy taking photos from up high of the carabbiniere (sp??) because they wanted to confiscate my camera when I took a picture of them on the street.  I didn't know they are the military.   Of course they do carry guns along with their white leather purses.

Mostly I enjoy walking Firenze in the evening.

Even when it's crowded, it's quite beautiful!

Next stop:  Venice.  Yes, I've mastered the train ticketing too.

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