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Monday, July 5, 2010

Goodbye Lily Lake

Yellow Fever Shot.  Check
Tetanus.  Check
Hepatitis A&B.  Check
Polio Vaccine.  Check
Malaria.  Check
Typhoid.  Check    I am battered and bruised but no side effects, thank goodness.  This shot experience may make me reconsider to where I travel in the future.

Today I needed a break from details - change of address (to where?), register my car early since it's due to be registered in September, cancel gas and electric, take pictures off walls - all boring details.... so I did what needed to be done... I escaped.  The first of many excursions I'm sure in the next three weeks to bid adieu to the Rockies for the time being anyway.

My intention was to hike to Lake Isabella - one of my favorite hikes - but when I arrived at Indian Peaks, it was way too windy and only 49 degrees up there.  You'd think by now I would know that's how it works and go prepared.  Even though I brought a jacket it wasn't warm enough and I didn't have a hat, so I did an about face and headed downhill to another favorite spot that was a bit warmer - Lily Lake, on Peak to Peak Highway near Estes Park.

While hiking the ridge trail, a couple sitting on a rock invited me to join them.  That's never happened to me before here in Colorado.  As we talked, I found out they're putting all their things in storage at the end of August and traveling to Israel for several months.  I guess I had kindred spirit written on my forehead.

I should have taken their picture but instead I asked them to take mine.

Goodbye Lily Lake!  Until we meet again!

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