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Saturday, July 31, 2010

105 Degrees But Who's Counting

This is my view for the two days I'll be in
Clarksville.    From feed and fertilizer to bearings and milling supplies.

I took the "scenic route" to Clarksville according to Rand McNally.  Maybe I'm just spoiled but when I think of a scenic route, I think of narrow, winding roads that actually have scenery along the way.  This was 150 miles of narrow, winding roads cut through a forest.  A solid wall of trees on both sides.  Beautiful trees and perhaps in the fall it's a scenic route but for today... not so much.

Then when I got off the scenic highway and onto a regular road, I found this.

and this.  Yes, I took the photo while driving.

And this!

Tomorrow I'll go to Mt. Magazine Park, the purpose for the stop in Clarksville.

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