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Friday, July 30, 2010

How Hot is Friggin' Hot?

As hot as it is in Ft. Smith, AR.  My car registered 101 degrees and then of course there's humidity.  Luckily my AC worked today.  I'm asking myself, "What is it that I wanted to see, experience in AR in August?"  Just walking a few blocks to dinner from the Comfort Inn made me feel nauseous.

I got tired of the expressway so took Route 9 just southeast of Oklahoma City through Seminole and Choctaw, Wetumpka and Eufaula into Ft. Smith.  Saw lots of llamas and brahmas and horses nestled behind white fences.  There are several beautiful lakes in Eufaula and several more on the way into Ft. Smith.  Oklahoma is very like Kentucky.

Tomorrow should be an easy day into Mt. Magazine State Park in Clarksville.  Of course, I won't want to get out of my car.  Supposed to be even hotter tomorrow.  Hopefully the mountains will be cooler.  One can dream.

My eyes are nuts, my head is dizzy, and my body still feels the road vibrations.  Ah, the joys of road-tripping. Is 7:30 too early to go to bed?

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