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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On the Road Again

OMG!  Poetry in motion.  My packing skills, Jay and Matt's moving and storage expertise.  I mean to tell you....  we ROCKED yesterday.  No problems getting anything out.  Nothing wedged in the stairway.  All finished by 11:30 am.  Dee and I were drinking wine and celebrating by 5:30 pm.  Thank you, Dee, so much for my birthday celebration, a bed to sleep in last night and company this morning before heading out.

What I've learned from today's drive is that 378 miles is 78 miles too far to drive the day after moving.  Luckily Eric Clapton joined me the last hour.  He whined a lot and told me 'he's leavin cause I done him wrong' but he kept me awake and I'm happily cocooned right now in the Comfort Inn in Espinola, NM.

New Mexico is unbelievably lush.  Looks like someone covered the ground with a downy quilt of sage, mustard, dill and lavender.  Beautiful!  One really weird thing did happen along the drive.  An elk crossed the road at the cattle crossing sign and the elk crossing was only ten feet down the road.  I'm delirious.  Need to sleep.

Tomorrow... spa day at Ojo Caliente.   Aaaaahhhhh!

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