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Sunday, October 31, 2010


When Florence looks like this

and this

and this,

I go to Fiesole.  A 20 minute bus ride away.

and it looks like this

and even this

And I look down at Florence while having a glass of wine at a quiet outdoor cafe.  And if the weather were clear, I could actually see the Duomo rising above the crowds.

And when Florence looks like this as it does today,

I stay in my apartamento and practice trying to get heat out of the thing on the wall.  One day soon, I'll have something more interesting to say here.... maybe.  Just know that I'm enjoying every small success that I have, like actually finding someone who knew that when I said, 'vendi fiammifero? meant 'do you sell matches?'  I was hoping to light my candles and incense.  The kind gentleman who finally understood me said, 'no signora but we do sell lighters.'  Well, I just have to laugh at myself.  At least I try.

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