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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Growing on Me

Okay, Florence is growing on me.  I still haven't done any sightseeing which may be a crime in itself but I did get my hair done today, and I must say, Genaio did a fine job.  'Tres Chic' or whatever the Italian equivalent of that would be.  I seemed to have done a better job explaining what I wanted with someone who doesn't speak English.  I'm learning to just be quiet and observe.  At one point I realized his movements while coloring my hair were almost like a dance.  I told him that.  The woman next to me translated it for him.  We did a lot of smiling whenever we'd catch each other's eyes in the mirror.  Anyway, on my way home I asked some  tourists to take my picture because my hair will probably never look like this again.  I'm standing in front of the entrance to my building.

My apartment is on what they call the first floor which is really the second floor and not a floor of the Hotel Aldini which starts on the second floor which is really the third floor.  Actually as you can see here there's a floor between the ground floor and the first floor which is totally discounted in the floor numbering fiasco so my apartment is really on the third floor not the first floor.   The light on upstairs is my living,dining,kitchen and the window to the right is the bedroom.  The light on the ground floor next to the doorway is a fine shoe shop.  I also navigated the mercato today and now have more than just yogurt and bananas to eat.  Baby steps.  Rosetta Stone in no way prepared me to communicate here on my own.  I learned a lot from Dee during our time in Lucca and Rome but being on my own is more challenging.  I'm making my way though and counting every single outing as a success. My next big adventure is to find matches so I can light the candles that are in my apartment.

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