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Friday, October 1, 2010

More Bagamoyo

For a small fee you can cross the ocean from Bagamoyo to Zanzibar in one of these fine vessels.  Most of the group is going to Zanzibar for the weekend but have elected to travel to Dar Es Salaam and take the ferry across.  Dee and I are staying at CCS to enjoy the peace and quiet.  This is the outside of our house.  It looks quite palatial next to everything else in Bagamoyo.

Our shower.  It dribbles a few drops of cold water, then stops because someone in the kitchen is using the water.  Its always just as I have lathered my hair with shampoo, then you stand there shivering waiting and hoping the dribbling starts up again.  The other choice is to fill a bucket from a wall spigget and dump the water over my head.

To launder our clothes, we use two big buckets - one for soap (but if you didn't bring laundry soap with you, as I didn't, you get to use a bar of soap), and one for rinsing.  Next we hang the clothes on the line and then watch them have a second rinse when the tropical storm comes.  My T-shirts keep stretching longer and longer.  Soon I'll have more dresses to wear.
Jane and me at Batik class.  I've decided whoever I do not hear from while in Africa gets my batik for Christmas.  
 Jacqui dancing at the African celebration.  This is the way nine of the volunteers look like.

Okay pictures have stopped loading... time to go

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