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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mzungu Mama Anacheza Maasai Mamas

It seems I couldn't get away from dancing in Africa.  The Massai ladies insisted that we dance with them.  You know the phrase, "white men can't dance"... well "white women don't do so well either" but it was great fun to bring some laughter to these women

I did feel a bit depressed when I saw the pictures... not because I can't dance .... but I'm even taller than the Massai.  What tribe did I come from?????

The Massai live in these tiny huts made by the women from sticks, thatch, and cow dung.  There is a fire for cooking in the center of each hut and two bed spaces - one for the man and the other for the wife and children.  The mattresses are bags of rice.  You can't even begin to imagine how hot and smoky it is inside.  Tiny square openings around the perimeter and the doorway are the only ventilation.  When a Massai child is eight years old, the mother builds another hut and the child sleeps in a separate hut.  The women do all the work, the children do most of the goat or cow herding and since the men are no longer warriers, they mostly go to the bars and drink.  Just repeating what we were told.

This village is dedicated to supporting the women.

One of our hostesses

A beautiful Massai girl

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