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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Dee at Cell Phone Store
The door to our room.  It has since been fixed.  Yea!!
Our first introductory stop was to the cell phone store in Bagamoyo. Yes we had to cross that rickety bridge to get from the road to the storefront. Now I'm not sure why I bothered to buy one because I don't remember the number and forget to carry it - but it only cost $20 USD and I can buy 12 minutes of phone time for $2.50 so don't be surprised if I wake you up at 2AM someday.

Our days have been jam packed with little free time.  Mornings we spend with our placement assignment and afternoons are filled with Swahili lessons which are frightful because we can't understand what she says in English so we think she's saying "land" and she's saying "learn."  I'm sure it's the same for the students we're trying to teach English.  Actually, they are way better than us.

Our first drumming and dancing experience.  We visited one family of the Mwongo tribe and they shared
their talents with us.  All hand made instruments from natural products - gourds, palm bark, etc.
Some of the children I'm teaching.  They are painted because they danced in costume for me.
More pictures later.  I walked two miles for wi-fi.  Have been here an hour and this is all I accomplished.  I keep losing the connection.  More to come another day.

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