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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bella Tuscany

Where do I begin?  Albergo Piccolo Puccini in Lucca, our hotel?

The peccorino, parmigiana, salami, bread?

The churches...   the architecture...   the art?

Monte San Quirico?
The bare-breasted lady who fills our water bottles?

The picturesque cobblestone streets of Lucca?

The mountains made white marble.  The same that Michaelangelo used to create his sculptures?

The hillside town of Colonatta?
or the people enjoying it all?
Anne, Magdalene, Margie, Elaine, Dee, Tracy
Magdalene, Dee, Tracy

Elaine and Anne in Colonatta

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I keep losing my internet connection so these blogs are short and sweet.

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