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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello Bagamoyo

This will be short and sweet since the connection is lacking.  The flight from Italy to Dar Es Salaam was not fun.  I was very sick the last couple of days in Italy so two train rides and a delayed flight did not make for a great time.

As our flight was about to depart from Rome, a commotion occurred on the plane.  A woman wearing muslim garb refused to take her seat and kept crying very loudly.  The flight attendants tried everything to make her comfortable and to get her to sit down without success.  Airport security boarded the plane and removed her.  All the luggage had to be removed and we all had to deplane, return to security which was a busride away and redo the boarding process.  All this while I wasn't feeling well and at 1 am.  Anyway, we finally took off about two and a half hours late.  Still managed to make the connection in Addis Ababa and arrived in Dar Es Salaam on time.  Then to wait six hours for the driver to pick us up.  It then took four hours to drive 60 km to Bagamoyo.

The compound is an oasis in the town.  It has indoor toilets and showers although no hot water and some people were displaced from their room tonight because of a dead rat in the vents.  The smell in their room is ... well disgusting.  They are doubling up with the rest of us until the smell can be removed.  There are 16 of us.  All women and one man, the second half of a couple.  Four "mamas" or "shikmoo" as we older women are calld, two 20 year olds, one thiry, and the rest 18 and 19.  It all works and we're having a great time together.

Hopefully I can find wi-fi tomorrow at a local hotel and can post some pictures.

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