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Monday, February 8, 2010

Cougar Town on the High Seas

Did you ever notice how walking a mile to a destination seems like nothing but walking around an oval track three times, seems to take forever? 2.8 times around the promenade deck is a mile. Maybe it?s the double chocolate torte I?m carrying inside me.

Robert and I have noticed something interesting on this cruise. When we are together, people are not very friendly, especially the women. Many of them stare at us with squinty-eyes and scrunched up faces like my mom did when I did something wrong. And they don?t even bother to look away when we notice and look back at them. Yet, when we meet people while alone, they reply when we talk to them and chat for a minute. Neither of us mentioned this to the other until breakfast this morning. The only explanation we can come up with is they think I'm a 'cougar' and he?s a 'jigolo.' Maybe it's the speedo. He?s European, you know. Watch out Courtney Cox! We could manufacture our own situation comedy. Tonight is the first night we?re having dinner at our assigned table. It could be interesting.

Cabo San Lucas was a disappointment. Tomorrow Acapulco.

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