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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Help! Somebody get me off the dam Eurodam. It seems that either my cruise enjoyment limit is 15 days or I am seriously affected by my outer surroundings. I think it’s a bit of both. The days on the Coral Princess were mystical, magical, marvelous even though the people weren’t so friendly and the ports were less than stellar. Now at day 19 on the Eurodam the people are friendly but I just want them to leave me alone, the ports are more interesting but you can experience so little of them, it no longer seems worthwhile to go through the hassle of getting off the ship and yet the ship itself feels claustrophobic.

Yes, I’ve reached my cruising limit here in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Old San Juan is actually delightful. It’s a walled city with narrow cobblestone streets, colorful buildings similar to Cartagena in Colombia. Robert said it reminds him of Italy. Robert is still in San Juan because he couldn’t bear to come back onboard. I couldn’t bear the humidity of San Juan any longer, so I’m sitting by myself at 10:15 pm on the highest outdoor observation deck so I can be outside but away from the party revelers who are on the second leg of the pub crawl which happens to be on the pool deck. IWhere are those quiet people with the walkers and the canes? LOL

So now I know my cruising limit and I know that if I ever go on another cruise I’ll seriously check out the cruise ship layout beforehand. I also know that I miss being able to get online whenever I want to be connected. Even the continual food flow doesn’t make up for the internet limitations. I am seriously spoiled.

Tomorrow morning we arrive in St. Thomas. With the stopover there, I will have visited by myself every place that Fred and I vacationed together. Feels like a completion of something. What I don’t really know.

Bon Voyage again.

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