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Monday, February 15, 2010

Where am I? Who am I?

Something wonderful happened at about day 8 at sea. My brain shut down totally, completely. It started with the square trees in Huatulco. I don't care if people talk to me or not. It’s just as well they don’t because I can't put together a coherent sentence and things that aren’t really funny are hysterical. It's the most peaceful, carefree feeling ever. I know I have some kind of life somewhere but it's really insignificant in the whole scheme of things. Here, we eat when we’re hungry. Doesn’t matter the time of day or night. And best of all the food is there just waiting for us to show up and eat it. I think this is how life is meant to be. Where did we go so wrong with this work thing? Oh and remember the gym I went to the first day on board. I haven’t seen it since.

We gave up on the tours for the last two stops opting instead to just walk around the town. Costa Rica is still as hot and humid as when I left it in July. I've discovered that cruising is really not about the ports. The sense of adventure I typically feel for exploring new surroundings doesn’t exist here. I't's way too much work. I'm happy to float day and night with nothing in my brain.

We sailed through the Panama Canal today and are now in the Caribbean heading for Cartagena. We are doing an excursion there. My first time in South America. Passing through the canal was the highlight of the trip. Pretty amazing. The cruise ship must have been built specifically with the locks in mind. Just a foot shy of the length of the locks and less than two feet narrower. The toll for the ship to pass through was $330,000 which includes reserving the space in line. Who knew? Who ever gave it a thought? Not me. The actual cruise through Lake Gutan felt like cruising along the Ohio River. Brown water and lush green hills except for the crocodiles along the banks. Another most beautiful day.

Sorry about the question marks in inappropriate places. I'm typing in word and pasting into the blog because it’s 40 cents a minute online. Then yesterday I tried to post this message but the letters kept changing into Chinese characters so I gave up.

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Marc said...

Dear Analahoe

We are experiencing the same perception of detachment... and it comes as no surprise that karen bishop just posted another 'newsletter' that substantiates exactly that feeling.
If you can't get let me know.
For some, we have recently been moved into a new energetic space in order to be energetically removed from these impending changes that will occur on the physical level of our new reality. Feelings of being “sequestered” for a awhile, of being removed, of suddenly feeling that one is now in a new and very calm, relaxed space, or even that we have finally landed somewhere that feels right, protected, and real, are some symptoms of having this experience. Several months ago, many of us were “sequestered” while a new hierarchy was being put into place. This occurred around the time of the separation of the worlds. We needed to be removed while something new was being set up, before we could move into it.

This new “sequestering” is very similar, but for different reasons this time. We are being removed while the new geographical earth is being prepared. These feelings of being removed are most prevalent for those residing in the areas that will be affected, as they are closer to them, and will thus, feel their impact much more. We are removed during these times so that we will not experience any trauma or reverberations from these dramatic changes.

Yes, these times are dramatic and stressful indeed. But if we can remember that we have planned this for a very long time, and know that things are being orchestrated and put into place in a perfect and divine way, hopefully, we can stay in spaces of peace, love, and calm while all of these changes occur.

With much love and gratitude,

Very uncanny and in full alignment.
Enjoy your getting in touch with the sacred land of the ancient americas :)