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Friday, February 5, 2010


Just had breakfast in the lobby of the Courtyard Marriott, An interesting mix of black-suited, starched-shirted, high-powered (looking) businessmen, middle range businessmen in dark slacks and plaid shirts (interestingly, no businesswomen), a few senior couples with fanny packs, the woman staring into the newspaper that her husband holds in front of his face - all probably headed for the same cruise as I am, and ME. I'm the one wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

Did my luggage get lost? you may ask. NO! It's POURING rain and 49 degrees. My travel clothes are the only long-sleeved, long-panted outfit that I have with me.

And I'm remembering a long-ago trip from Bar Harbor, Maine to Nova Scotia on the 'Blue Nose' Ferry in the rain. Not fondly, I might add. Certainly, a cruise ship will be better, won't it???? Dum, de dum dum.

Maybe the sun will come out by the time we sail at 4PM. Or at the very least by TOMORROW! Only a day away! :)

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