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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two Days at Sea

Rough seas out of L.A. but I didn?t get seasick. Hooray! I?m so happy not to be seasick. Note to self, though. Bring warm clothes. It?s really cold outside.

The cabin is nicer than expected and we?ve got an arrangement going that works for us during the time we?re in it. I?m surprised at how quiet it is in the cabin and with the gentle rocking motion, I slept this morning (Saturday) until noon. Robert, even later. The ship, itself, is beautiful and has the feel of Disney World or Las Vegas with different themed restaurants, lounges, rooms, theaters, casino, library, puzzle room, spa, exercise gym. I may be in better shape by the time I return home. Well, then there is the 24-hour a day food that?s as good as they claim.

There are 1950 people on board. Robert is definitely the youngest on the cruise. I could be a close second. It?s really hard to fight the urge to check for a pulse when you pass people sleeping.
Today is beautiful and warm. We?ve just docked in Cabo San Lucas so we?re off for a boat excursion. Hopefully we?ll see some whales and dolphin but ?wildlife is not guaranteed.?

1 comment:

Mary Ann said...

so glad you are not seasick! As for the clothes...never been your strong point
Is it meant to be a 'senior' cruise, or are they the only ones with money and time ?

Also curious, why do you think that everytime you type an apostrophe it comes through as a question mark??

Hope you are viewing some sea mammals as I write...can't wait to hear!