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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aloha Mai

This blog is not to be read.  It is to be absorbed.  It will not be a typical tourist blog although I will add that in as well.   I feel the freedom now to speak about my inner journey from a whole new perspective.  Drink in the words like the finest wine because they come from the deepest place inside me.   Let the nectar, the mystery, the magic that is the divine feminine of Hawaii run down your throat and into your body the way it does mine.  I will do my best to make it so real for you that you feel the juice of the passion fruit running down your face.
I arrived last night with less than auspicious feelings mostly due to being tired.  Then wham-bam before I can finish my coffee, the wall that still armored my heart cracks open like an egg being readied for the frying pan.  I fell from the shell like a newborn baby into the Heart of Mother Hawaii who cradles me now as if I am her long lost daughter.  The Rockies welcomed me three years ago into the crystalline mind of the Flat Iron Mountain Range and chipped and chiseled away old stubborn thought patterns every day so that I could be ready for this moment.  My soul wide open lapping up the nectar of life.  

Passion dances in my veins like a thundering tribal drum reawakening me to the sacredness of the earth.  Indescribable colors joyously assault my senses so much so that I have to shut my eyes and remind myself to breathe.  Indescribable color that these pictures do not do justice nor do my words but I keep trying.  Writing words are my joy, my color pallette of gold, sapphire, aquamarine, cerulean,  mint, emerald, forest, peach, amber, magenta, opalescent, blue-diamond.    Fluffy pure crystal white herons prance on the lawn, orange black-veined butterflies flit through the air, a myriad of jungle birdsounds give rise to the new day. And I recognize how much I have missed them all and that I am overjoyed at being here now.   A few years ago I wrote a poem called The Relationship Triangle (posted at the end).  What I discovered this morning is that I know ME well now. 

How does re-awakening happen so magically, so mysteriously, so quickly while I sit on my lanai, sip Kona coffee, write in my journal, and tone the vowels of love?  Ask me sometime for real and I'll tell you all. 

And now as I write the wind whistles and howls with a force that the raise the fronds of the palm trees upwards to the sky as if in joyous adoration and the waves adorn themselves with crowns of opals and diamonds. I wonder if I should be afraid, but my essence says, "No. The wind is here to clear the air of the debris from the shattered wall."

Later, I walked along the narrow beach that borders the lawn behind the condo and watched a man driving a backhoe and cleaning up the seaweed.  My first thought was 'heaven forbid a tourist might have to deal with nature while walking along Maui's shores.'  But then another thought wormed its way in.  It feels like Fred brought it.  And right this moment I'm reminded that tomorrow - 6/11- would have been our anniversary.  Anyway, I was reminded how much he loved working his backhoe.   He would have received great joy from doing this service for others.  The simple act of working with his "superhoe" alongside the beauty of the ocean and making the beach more easy to navigate for people visiting the shores would have soothed his soul.  And so I stopped my judging thoughts immediately, gazed at the sea and with great gratitude to Fred and today's backhoe operator, I chanted the one chant I remember from living in Kona.  Written by Keala Chang, Kona, HI,

"Hiki mai , Hiki mai kala, O ia kala i kalani, O kila kila mauna o'hawaii, na iwi na, na iwi ne, aloha mai, aloha mai."

No wonder the Hawaiian language (and Italian) is called the language of love.  So many vowel sounds.  (My rough translation)  This is the day, This is the day of the sun, The day of heaven, From the steep mountains of Hawaii down to the sea, from our ancestors who came before, from ourselves today and all  who will come after us, love comes, love comes.

Feel the love that I feel right now and share it with someone.  Today is the day.  Love comes.  Love comes.

And now my eggs and coffee have worn off and it's time to find the market.  Mahalo for reading.

Relationship Triangle

I’m beginning to understand much better
The relationship triangle… and its letter.
It isn’t so named because of a man and two women
or vice versa. It is the relationship within.

Inside each of us, three entities exist.
It has nothing to do with having a tryst.
There’s a triangle consisting of the I, the YOU
and the SELF. By the way, I’m sure this is true!

The I and the YOU within, each live in its own house.
Sometimes they want to live together but really don’t know how.
The I has boarded its windows and doors.
The YOU goes its own way and mostly ignores.

Then one day, who knows why?, the SELF appears.
“Hey, remember me. I live here too” …and the I and YOU hear.
The YOU has sometimes dabbled with the SELF.
But the I has kept herself locked away, high on the shelf.

The SELF has awakened though, and shines its light bright.
It can’t help it. That’s what it’s made of. There is no night.
The light eventually peeps through a crack in the wall.
Warming the I fast asleep on her shelf in the hall.

The I awakens, wondering why it’s so hot in here.
It pries the wood from the window just to peer.
The light of the SELF now floods the room.
The I tries to hide and return to her gloom.

There’s no way now for the I to hide from the YOU.
The SELF has exposed her existence. Did I say?
I’m sure this is true!
Now the YOU is curious about his neighbor, the I.
She’s quite beautiful; and after all, they both live inside.

So the YOU knocks on her door even though it is boarded.
The I has done her best to keep her energy hoarded.
But the SELF, without fail, continues to shine its light.
And the YOU keeps knocking on her door. What a fright!

She buries her head under a thick dense comforter,
But the SELF and the YOU are relentless. They just won’t let her.
She gives up finally and removes all the boards.
Unlatching the chains too, she cracks open the door.

One thing’s for sure, she won’t let the YOU inside.
She tentatively steps onto the porch. The I can no longer hide.
Day by day, the I and the YOU come together.
They now meet on the porch in all kinds of weather.

I now declares to YOU that she enjoys his company.
But she can’t let him in until she turns I into ME.
For you see, the I has been asleep for a long time in the dark.
She must now discover herself in the light. Find her own spark.

The I must determine who she truly is.
It’s important she remain true to herself even when she gives.
The reason the I went to sleep in the first place you see
is because the YOU took her over and wouldn’t allow her to BE.

All the while, the I is busy finding herself
The YOU has returned to his home to sit on HIS shelf.
He isn’t sleeping; just learning a new way.
For YOU loves I and wants their relationship to stay.

All the while I and YOU are learning about themselves.
The SELF continues to shine its bright light on their shelves.
The SELF is in no hurry. Its light won’t burn out. It can wait till they become present.
For the SELF is the Super Energy Light Field that is their essence.

Take a deep breath now. There’s more to this story.
Relationships can move into a whole new category.
Real relationship takes three entities; not just two.
The I, the YOU and the SELF. Did I say? I’m sure this is true!

Stay tuned for the next relationship tale.
I don’t know it yet for my I doesn’t know ME well.
When that happens, the YOU may want to expand on its shelf
For then it just may be time for my YOU to know Himself.

By the way, I don’t remember; but maybe you do.
Did I say? I’m sure this is true!

Analahoe 3-4-07

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Tracy said...

So beautiful, I feel that I am there on the beach, feeling the breeze on my skin, hearing the waves breaking, the warm sand and all.
Sounds so lovely. we are all rain and overcast and 60's here. As if we were down in to the fall or even early spring, but not June.
Feeling the good energy coming my way!