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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Winds of Kihei

My spirit rises on the powerful, robust winds of Kihei, and reconciles the paradox of the known and the unknown. Two wholes coming together to create a birthing portal of unified correlations (co-relations) the likes of which we’ve never experienced before.

All things of the Earth – her soil, her rocks, her water, her trees, her plants, her animals, her children – direct the dynamic forces she evokes within a boundaried playing field . The Earth now lifts herself up on the wings of transformation into the natal gateway of primordial relationship.

All things of heaven – the unseen, the formless, the idea, the concept, the unknown, the vague, the force of the cosmos itself - descend into this co-created portal of nativity.

Together, heaven and earth emit an embrace of love and freedom that courses through our blood-
streams like the wild, whitewater gorging its way through solid lava rock.

Are we ready to meet universal force in the birthing portal? Are we clear enough for it to flow through our veins and arteries with conscious awareness?

Can we persevere until we receive within our  physical bodies the divine feminine – a force  not honored in the modern world – and bring her back to Life?

Are we ready to draw strength from grace and equanimity, to remain as receptive and spacious as the ocean when our minds call for action? After all, action receives the reward in this world.

Are we clear enough to enable the waters of changing developments to flow through us as we strive for a natural, organic responsiveness. Responses based in intuitive guidance from higher wisdom rather than a reacton to the drama of what we see and hear in the world?

It’s an overwhelming challenge we are being asked to take. Are we ready to walk through the open doorway that beckons us into a different realm, with fresh interconnections, and pristine insights before it closes again?

This is a photo of Maui Angels who are living the Divine Feminine on a daily basis and are willing to share what they know about it with all of us. For the last year and a half, I’ve been taking an online course called Walking the Earth as a Living Master. I was fortunate enough to attend a session in person last week with all of these beautiful women and one courageous man.  If you want to know more about how to master yourself and receive the Divine Feminine into your lifestream, visit

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