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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lush Wet and Green

Copious, thriving leaves fight each other for space as they plunge cascades of emerald, jade, and olive luxury that weigh tree limbs to the ground.  Profuse blossoms of mustard grass sway like a dancer’s hips to the tune of the mellow breeze.  Plush, sumptuous velvet mountain valleys ripple, burble and babble as water tumbles from their throats.  And this is Boulder! What happened while I was away? Lotsa rain I'm guessin'.

I arrived home to lush greenery and the cutest condo ever.  Not sure why I want to leave this place?  
Internet on Moloka'i cost $10 per day.  I opted to fuggetaboutit and just enjoy the most relaxed, loving lifestyle one can ever imagine.   Will post some memories and photos later after I've had some sleep. 

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