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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lahaina Town

Yes, I finally left the tree.

Today I drove for 40 minutes heading to an artist town called Makawao on the side of Haleakala Mountain.  At the stoplight after passing a church called "Jesus is Alive," I grabbed for my notebook to write down the name of the church.  Mostly because it made me smile. I was thinking, "If you only knew how much Jesus is alive inside of me."  My notebook wasn't there, nor was my purse, my wallet, my drivers license, my credit cards or my money.  I had left the condo without anything but water and a banana.  That's what stillness will do to ya.  But I kept it, the stillness, while I turned around, drove 40 minutes back to the condo, retrieved my necessities, and went instead to visit Lahaina Town which is much closer to where I'm staying.

Some photos of Lahaina Town.
Boy, does it remind me of Kailua Kona.  Feeling a twinge of homesickness.

This is me having a great time yakking at the lovely person taking my photo.  That's what happens when you go a few days without talking.

And I sat under a banyan tree for a wonder- ful hour listening to the magical guitar and authentic Hawaiian songs (as opposed to the hotel kind) played and sung by (oh how I wish I could say, "Akiko or Keala") but his name was Richard.  His music brought Hawaii home to my heart again. 

And I ended the day back on my lanai with a most delightful dinner partner.

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