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Friday, June 11, 2010

Maui Love Affairs

What does my body like better than a good night's sleep?  No, not that!  Uh. No, not that either! 

The correct answer
would be lying on a sarong on my belly in amber sand silkier than sifted flour.  Scooting around until space is created for everything that gravitates downward and then feeling the caress of the ocean as she breathes. Experiencing the pull of her inbreath against the sand as the water recedes back into itself, the silence as the swell builds, and then the crashing sensation of her outbreath upon the beach.  I tried to breathe in time with the rise and fall of her breath but it made me lightheaded.  So I went back to just feeling it in all the cells of my body.  Better than a massage and that other answer you probably gave. The next best experience is the shower that washes away the sand.

This morning I awoke to screaming body cells.  "Don't you dare make us do anything today."  And so I didn't.  Well not much anyway.  We did manage to carry ourselves onto the lanai for toast and coffee.  While gazing at nothing in particular and everything all at once, there he was!  Tall, graceful, beautiful and sturdy.  I noticed him yesterday.  But today he waved at me.  I looked around but no one else was in sight so I smiled and waved back.  He called, "Come down from your balcony." "Did I hear him right?  Did he call for me to come down.  Maybe I misunderstood."  So I tipped my cup and continued eating breakfast. 

Later when my body agreed to a short walk, I ran into him again.  This time he said, "Put down your blanket.  Keep me company awhile."  And so I did.  He told me that he has lived in Kihei along the shore for years and years.  I listened.  He seemed very wise.  He said that he remembers Kihei before all the condominiums, when natives lived and worked the land along her shores.  He has experienced storms and droughts, hurricanes and floods.  He has been swamped by waves.  And even though he recently lost an extremity, he's happy to be alive and to be of service when he can.   He told me his greatest joy is when someone stops long enough to acknowledge his presence.  He thanked me for sitting with him.  And I was honored that he shared not only his story with me but also his shade.

I warned you this wouldn't be a typical tourist blog.  I AM my own amusement.


Tracy said...

ya know you really had me going there. I had to read it three times to get to the idea of tree.

Analahoe said...

Laughing! :)