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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Haleakala Calls

I was headed to Hana this morning when I noticed Haleakala standing proudly before me in all her glory.  The 10,000 foot mountain named "House of the Sun" usually dwells in the clouds and isn't noticeable at sea level.

For all my Colorado friends, I know 10,000 feet doesn't seem like much with all the 14ers we have but we're starting at sea level here.  These Hawaiian volcanic mountain craters are pure magic.  There's an indescribable essence of sacredness that permeates my soul.  Maybe it's where heaven and earth come together.

Living in Colorado, I'm  used to bikers on mountain roads but the bikers I'm used to are lean, fit, wear spandex, and know what they're doing.  Imagine for a moment groups of out-of-shape, out-of-control tourists maniacally careening down this road.  Now, that was scary. 

Have you ever seen a Jacaranda Tree in full bloom?  The lower portion of Haleakala Road is loaded with them and the sweet spicy scent is heavenly.  But the best part about this particular tree is that it's right across the street from a tiny shop called 'Pink Protea' housed in this building with Sunrise Country Market.

The owner of Pink Protea is a most amazing young woman whose name is Ruthie.   We talked lifetimes in the short time I was with her and when I left we were hugging and kissing cheeks as if we were long, lost best friends.   It's always interesting to me where I find soul family.  This time it was on Haleakala Highway at the 3700 feet elevation marker.

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