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Monday, June 28, 2010

Certification in?

A question presented to me by the mention of the mastery class I took in Mau’i and my attempt to speak it from my heart.

The certification of mastery from “Walking the Earth as a Living Master” has a twofold meaning for me:  First, and most important, it is my own personal acknowledgement, as well as a collective recognition of, the progress I‘ve made in my own ability to integrate the principles of sacredness - of both Spirit and the Earth - into the way I live my life every day.  And secondly, it allows me to teach others the practices that assist me in this ongoing process of integration should anyone desire to learn them. 

Mastery is a way of life that moves one beyond the dualistic mind that is today’s reality for most people into the mind and heart of unity consciousness that is our true nature.  It intertwines spirit with passion and rewards the heart and the soul of the individual as well as contributes love and compassion to the heart and soul of the collective.  It also provides a tremendous opportunity to be a consciousness pioneer in the co-creation of a world of beauty and harmony with primal force on the physical plane.

Mastery is also a way of life that knows deep inside that the solution is never found at the same level of consciousness as the problem.  A daily practice that allows one to rise above the current state of being in the world and contribute to the overall higher consciousness of the Earth instead of dragging her down further with our thoughts and emotions.  It doesn't matter that our mind doesn't understand exactly how it works. We just know deep inside that it does. And our own individual life feels the harmony, the balance, the beauty regardless of what takes place in our private world or the collective world.  It's a great place to be and live in the world.

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