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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tired and Weary but in Maui

It's 1:39 am June 10 Boulder time, 9:39 pm, June 9, Hawaii time.  I left my house at 6:30 am June 9 without a wink of sleep the night before.  I'm still like a kid when I get to go somewhere.... especially coming back to the Islands.  But now, I'm beat.  And it was not fun finding this condo in the dark.  I don't know Maui very well.  But I found it, didn't have an accident along the way, the key code worked, and all is well.  I stopped at the ABC Store and purchased Kona coffee (hey if you're here) and eggs for the morning - and a bottle of red wine for right now.  Well a glass anyway.  I forgot how cheap wine is here.  Whoo Hoo!

The trip, besides taking me all over the country also had its potential difficulties.  The flight from Sacramento to San Francisco was delayed two hours which meant I'd miss the flight to Maui.  But ya know there are good things about traveling singly.  The first one being... if there's only one seat left on a different flight, you get it .... because all the rest of the people traveling to Hawaii are couples.  I wasn't sure exactly how happy I really was though when I saw the plane was a prop.  The last time I flew in a propeller driven plane was recruiting at University of Michigan and I had forgotten how my stomach flips when I feel the hurry, hurry, hurry in a small plane.  Taxiing to the runway felt  like a racecar in the Gran Prix, although I was happy the pilot was doing his best to get us all to SF in time to catch the flight.  The fishtailing into liftoff while twirling blades bullied their way through thick air was a delight.  Yeah right!  But how bad can it be for 32 minutes???  I got to SF just as the plane to Maui was boarding. Luckily the arrival and boarding gates were in the same section of the terminal.  Oh the second good thing about traveling singly is that you don't have anyone to fight with while standing in the car rental line.  Everybody's always so crabby at that point.  Me too, but hey .... it's way more fun to stand there silently and listen to all the couples sniping at each other.  What's not so fun is driving in the dark and first entering the condo by myself.  I felt lonely for a couple minutes.  It's over though. I've already adjusted.  Ice cream and wine!  And the promise of seeing the ocean tomorrow after I'm rested.

The condo is nice enough.  I'm really too tired to tell for sure but even while sitting here typing this the breeze is blowing in.  I can hear the water if I listen real carefully and I can feel myself settling in.  I passed a beach while driving here that's within walking distance.  The ocean is right beyond the grassy area of my condo but I can't tell tonight howfar away that is.  But all my memory cells are going.... yes, oh yes...

It seems that lots more happened in the eighteen-twenty hours since I left home but my eyes are drooping, my brain is mush, and I need to go to sleep now. 

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Catherine Dwyer said...

Hey Olive!
Let the adventures begin! I'm right behind you and although my heart is already there my feet will touch down next week. Can't wait to see you and be once again "Hangin Loose" in Hawaii.
xoxo, Betty